On this blog, I’ll be tracking my progress at learning the meanings of the 2,200 kanji listed in James W. Heisig’s Remembering the Kanji 1 (6th edition).  While this is just a small step on the way to gaining proficiency in the Japanese language, especially considering that learning the Japanese readings of these kanji will be a later step unto itself, it is still no mean feat, and I am hoping to accomplish it within the span of a year.  To this end, I hope to learn ~10 kanji a day, with some flexibility built in to account for my uneven work schedule and to allow for days where the focus is my other language-learning tools.*  At the present time, this blog is mainly intended as a personal tracker; however, if my posts come to display interesting insights or I find I need further accountability, this may become more of a public blog.

-MW 3/4/17

*I am also utilizing the computer programs Mango Languages and Human Japanese (with Anki flashcards) to approach my study of this language from several different angles.  These three approaches have various strengths and weaknesses, but they all conform to my personal learning style, and I hope to gain something from each.

Day 149 [+10]

I’m posting this while working on other stuff so the clock doesn’t roll over before I get this post in.  Hopefully I don’t forget to actually do my studies before I go to bed.

Kanji learned:

[1,620 / 2,200]