Day 2 [+17]

Today was my first opportunity to test how much I’d retained… pretty decent so far, but a marked difference between kanji with a set story to learn vs. the few where Heisig forgoes a long description because it will “appear so often you would have to struggle hard NOT to remember it” (p. 31).  Since there have been only few opportunities for those kanji to reappear, I find them harder to recall than the rest, though, in a way, this only goes to prove how effective the storytelling method Heisig puts forth can be.

As I’m starting to experience a small degree of mental fatigue, I kept my study session a little briefer today.  I need to beware of overexerting myself and simply going through the motions without any actual retention occurring.  (As a side note, I am struggling with my Anki flashcards for Human Japanese cutting me off for the same reason, but those, I feel, are underestimating my capacity to focus.)  I have been neglecting my Mango, and to a smaller extent, my Human Japanese, studies, so hopefully some time spent on them, instead of kanji, will keep my mind engaged.

Kanji learned:
38- hundred
39- in
40- thousand
41- tongue
42- measuring box
43- rise up
44- round
45- measurement
46- elbow
47- specialty
48- Dr.
49- fortune-telling
50- above
51- below
52- eminent
53- morning
54- derision

[54 / 2,200]

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